Electric Vehicle In Nepal?

Electric Vehicle In Nepal?
The Man! Kulman AKA COOLMAN

All thanks to Mr. Coolman AKA Mr. Kulman, the problem of load shedding has been crippled to an extent that we are surprised of loadshedding. And now, possibility of having electricity run business is blooming to an extent that I, for a critic have started to think about electric vehicle in Nepal with key name as Tesla. Recent news suggested Tesla coming on to India, so it might be a good chances we can see some Tesla here as well.

Tesla, by now has been the name of the tech enthusiasist that loves to go green. The company’s electric car have changed the way people looked at electric cars and frankly, going from “electric motor in a box” car to a name of luxury and class has been tremendous in history of automobile history. From a company that is just over a decade old, the popularity and respect it holds is no different from Ford who pioneered the American automobile industry. Shifting clutch (no pun intended) from Detroit to the Silicon Valley, Tesla have paved ways for advancement in renewable technology by open sourcing the patents.

Is it possible for Nepal to enjoy the privilege of electric vehicle in their roads?

Lets see some options.


Electric Vehicle In Nepal?

It might actually be true if production is sourced outside the US. But new factories are opening and hey, it might be close to us. Even if the production is in US, the base price of Tesla 3 was $35,000 but the consumer price was to increase and it has current price of $42,000. That is 42 Lakh and some chunk changes give or take. Can we afford it?

Designs and efficiency

Electric Vehicle In Nepal?
duh wtf!! car

We have been fed with the information since ages that electric vehicles are a joke. Ugly ass vehicles in the name of promoting green earth. WTF! Tesla became the cult after it announced the roadster and model S and X and 3. Now, problem of having ugly designs are slowly getting rid of. Well done Tesla boy!
And the mileage. Oh boy!! The latest report suggests a full charge would go around In 2012, the EPA range for the 60 kWh battery pack model was 208 mi (335 km) and the 85 kWh battery was 265 miles (426 km). I am proud of you Elon Musk!!

Price hike

Price hike
Price hike

The main source of tax on Nepal is tax on everything. On 4 wheelers, the tax is overwhelming. The normal price of a car costing around 10 lakh in India is 4-5 times more in Nepal and if the same thing happens to Tesla, then affordability is out of option. The price, if applied according to the current scenario, would be around a crore and 20 lakhs. This would be the rich people’s car and the electric car for common tagline won’t work. The government of Nepal doesn’t apply incentives for green cars, electric cars. And the tax reduction is also out of the question. In broad aspect, we can’t afford the cheapest Tesla, even if the problem of electricity is solved. Government of Nepal doesn’t give subsidy to cars that promotes the cause of green revolution. Apart from the price, there exists more questionable problems, such as condition of roads and infrastructures, maintenance of what is present.



By looking at the condition of roads, I prefer to stay silent but by looking at the progress in about half a decade, I am hopeful for the days to come. New highways, better roads and safety. Addition of these would be of great help.

Nepal governemtn
Government of Nepal

The remaining things are government sided. Making ways for electric vehicles and tubes and trains are well in their criteria but the implementation is well a long way from now. The only way is to pressurize the government to widen its aspect of vision on better tomorrow by giving priority to electric and other renewable source of fuel, including vehicles as well. Better tomorrow starts with commitment for better today.

Price of Tesla in US 

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