Wearable tech, ready or not here I come!

The world is moving forward with wearable technology that has made leaps and bounds in half a decade than smartphones in a time span in more than a decade. The market of wearable in the world sadly has not been the same as the advancement of the technology.

Apple watch or a generic smart watch? Good enough for the public?

In going to the depth of wearable technology, smartwatches and fitness devices account for the most of the technology in wearable tech (not counting the ill-fated google glass). Medical and industrial uses are not included in this post as it is way too complicated and doesn’t account for the most uses of the tech.

Moto 360! Round or square? Preference according to you!

About Wearable

Today we are discussing on the impact of wearable in our daily life and the hurdles of bringing them into mainstream life. The most important of all is the accessibility. Controlling everything with just a touch on the wrist and recording your daily life in a way that has never been done before is the exquisite feature of the wearable technology. Playing music, changing the color of light in the bulb of your house, calling a friend, recording videos and clicking photos are all possible with wearable technology, especially the smartwatch. For the rest includes recording your steps, calorie count, sleeping pattern, your heart rate and much more, we have the fitness devices that sit on your wrist. Every move and step count on the device and the accuracy is amazing. Behind all the bells and whistles, the engineers and developers have made such progress that deserves a standing ovation.

Smartwatch technology in action, Samsung Gear

The Bad

Enough with the pros, because this wearable has problem. One serious problem. BATTERY LIFE. It sucks. Being a smartwatch, we treat it like a regular watch. We expect it like a regular watch. But, to unstrap it and charge it every 2 days is troublesome. If you use it heavily, then charging once daily is not enough. Connecting to smartphone and all, the initial steps are troublesome for layman people. Getting used to with the UI requires time. Thank god, fitness wearables are good on the battery side. The purpose of the wearable determines the battery life (hahaha). 😉

Fitness device or fitbit surge
Pebble Smartwatch in action

Until I get the battery life like one charge and set for a week or two, it is still not for me. Without the bells and whistle, I could get one week of charge but what’s a smartphone without its bells and whistles?

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