Why is your headlamp on during the day? AHO & more!

You have seen bikes and scooters with headlamps on even during the day right! You must be doing the “headlamp on sign” to riders with their bike/scooters’ headlamp on during the day. Well, bad news for you. Now on, most of the bikes and scooters would be having these auto headlamp on (AHO). Specifically from April 2017.

What’s the funda here with AHO?

All 2017 KTM models are equipped with AHO features
RC Series also have AHO enabled

Well, we have seen big capacity bikes with their low beam on all the time. Now, Indian government has made it mandatory for manufacturers to include auto headlamp on feature based on researches that have supported the fact that AHO/ DRLs have decreased the accidents rate. Numerous studies done worldwide since the 1970s have tended to conclude that daytime running lights improve safety.

DRL differs from AHO that DRL are brighter than the headlamp. For e.g., TVS Apache series have the DRLs that are seemingly brighter than their headlamp. Most of the bikes above quarter liter capacity or European and American specification bikes have AHO and DRL enabled on them.

DRL Present in Apache RTR 200

DRLs or AHOs are currently mandatory in several developed markets and it has been the feature in European markets since early 2000s. Experts from automobile safety said AHO has improved visibility of and for two-wheelers during day and at dawn and dusk.

So there wont be a light on off switch!

The AHO feature turns on the headlamp every time the bike’s engine comes alive. No switches would be provided to turn the headlight off. So, don’t be surprised when your new bike won’t have switch to turn off the light and people constantly giving you the “headlamp on” sign. Well, if you didn’t know about it, then you can teach the people who do the sign that it is a safety feature and not to feel awkward about it.


News on AHO in India here.

Daytime running lamp in audi r8
DRL in Audi

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